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Pickup Coil
A pickup coil is a magnetic transducer consisting of hall effect sensor. For the automotive engine’s ignition system, firing instructions are predicted by pickup coil to enable start condition. Proper functioning of pickup coil avoids lack of power too.
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Three X Electronics, India
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The pickup coil is located at the base of the distributor through the pins and plugs into ignition module. The function of pickup coil is to sense or pickup pulses of the distributor and tell the ignition module when to fire up the spark plugs. A wheel called reluctor passes by the firing points on the pickup coil inducing a small electrical current that signals the ignition module to fire the coils.

We offer superior quality Pick Up Coils, which are used in various two and four wheelers vehicles like LML Vespa, Bajaj, Freedom, Kinetic Honda, Legend and more. These are fabricated from the finest quality material and are recognized for dimensional accuracy and corrosion & abrasion resistance.

• Copper windings for good conductivity
• Ferrite magnet for improved durability
We offer superior quality Pickup Coils, which are used in two and four wheeler vehicles. The coils are recognized for its dimensional accuracy, corrosion & abrasion resistance.



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